martedì 19 maggio 2020


Hello, i have opened a special commissions  for this 2020 .
If you have any doubts or questions you can contact me via email !

Reward #27

Wolverine for the May reward , check the tiers  on :  PATREON

mercoledì 8 aprile 2020

Six fan art- part 1

I did this challenge and I enjoyed drawing it !

Six fan art challenge !!

domenica 22 marzo 2020

Reward #25

Hello Buddies !
Here the reward of the month, Devilman !

If you like itand want the set, support me :  HERE

And please, seen what's happening with the Covid-19 , everyone stays safe and healthy !

A big hug


domenica 26 gennaio 2020

Reward #23

What happens when Spider-man is surprised by Dr Octopus’s tentacles ?
Take the set to find out!   PATREON