giovedì 9 novembre 2017


Commissions are open until December 20/2017

Please share!
I need money for my dog's therapy !

Thanks !

Halloween Comm.

Commission for Dinosaurprince, you can see uncensored version on his blog : HERE

lunedì 30 ottobre 2017



The price for this is $ 100 USD
If you want this, comment here or send me a email

Color sample : HERE

Can be any species ( furry or humans )
Only female
No wings
Simple Background
You must be the owner of the character
Payment via Paypal
No refunds

Power Of Piss Comic

Comics Commission for Dinosaurprince, you can read this on his blog : HERE

martedì 10 ottobre 2017


Just some drawlloween draws !  =D

day 1 -return from the dead  ( Jon Snow from GOT )

day 2- summon day ( Crowley from Supernatural )

day 3- tombsday

day 4 - Pumpkin wicked this way comes

day 5 - full moon follies

day 6 - folklore friday + day 7 cobweb crawlers

day 8 - Deep sea denizens  ( Mako from Tigersharks )

day 9 - Fanged fiends  ( Count Duckula )

venerdì 8 settembre 2017


I opened a YCH auction ( your character here ) on Furaffinity

If you want partecipate :HERE ALL INFO
Auction ends Monday 11th September ! ( you must have an account on Furaffinity to view my profile )

venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Poll result

Hello guys !
Here's the result of the second poll !
The second pose won !

Here the winning design!

And to thank you for taking part to poll, I leave you a second version  =D

Now you can also follow me on  FACEBOOK

Do you like this kind of poll? Would you like to see more? Leave a comment ! ^__^