mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

Lemonxxx 2

Hey folks !!
I've been busy lately ... but I leave you with the images that I did for Lemonxxxzine 2 !
You can watch HERE
it's free !

Kill La Kill fan art

And the image  for the number 1 .....without censor !! =D


martedì 7 gennaio 2014

Lemonxxxzine + commission

Hey there !
First , Happy 2014 to all !!
I hope you all had a happy holidays !!

Then , I want to introduce  " Lemonxxxzine " !

A new free italian Webzine, with hentai,yaoi,yuri,comics ,illustrations, and more !!
You can see the full picture, and read the magazine : HERE

DA Group    and  FB Page

 And two new commissions , for Madassa


martedì 17 dicembre 2013


Commissions are available !
Info :

 If you've questions , send me an email !!

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Hey there !

Just something......... I've not forgotten the blog! U_U

 A Devilman fanart ....wip

 and a fanart from comic " Leatherwood " by my friend Pol

lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Rhino Horn

Hey Folks !
As I said a few posts below ,here's something that will make you happy !!
 This is a collaboration with Kingdu02 and Jubell !
 Find the first part of this story here : HERE , drawn by Jubell !!
 Enjoy !!!