venerdì 16 giugno 2017


Hi !

Today I want to introduce you my friend Zel !
She is a bit my " Sensei " her followed me for a bit when I was at the beginning with the drawing/comics , teaching me and correcting my mistakes !
She's a really awesome and kind professional artist.
She  has drawing comics like Winx Club and Pixies Mag
Has worked for several publishing houses, Yaoi press, Fireangels,Drama queen,Bruno Gmunder ,Rainbow .
Maybe some of you already know her work !

You can follow her on :


She recently opened a Patreon with MM/boyslove/bara art/NSFW !
Please support her on :


mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

giovedì 1 giugno 2017

Poll 2

Hello !

The first poll is closed , as you can see ...  Logan won , followed by Gus !

So, here the second poll !  Choose the pose for Logan !!
You have 3 choices !

Vote the poll in the upper right !

Enjoy !!! =D