mercoledì 9 novembre 2011


Hi friends !
Thanks to my Friend DINOSAURPRINCE I came to know about this Site that sells my art ! it's so bad!!

my art is free everyone can see it without paying , This makes me really angry!
when someone asks me to take my art to share, I never say no! I am a person that always comes to meet everyone, including for the commissions!
And see my art for sale so it makes me sad ...And it makes me lose faith in people!
I have already sent an email to the site asking them to remove my work!
Awaiting response!
Also sell art of other artists If any of you recognize them, please inform him!

sabato 5 novembre 2011

na na na na na Batmannn ♫

Hey folks !
A new comic !! =D
This time we have Batman/Two face...and Wonder Woman !!
Yeah, there is a woman this time !! Caution : Pegging xD
Comic commission for Graves5150
Thanks for your commission dude !! =)

Enjoy !!