martedì 28 giugno 2011

Spidey vs Bane --part 1

Hi Guys !!
So...Here we are again with another "adventure" of Spidey !
Beginning the pages were 5....those of you following me on Y!Gallery have seen the are 12 !! =)
Commission for KINGDU02
Thanks for your commission man !!

Have a fun !! ^_____<

More in the next post!

5 commenti:

  1. Excellent !!! As usual :)
    Go on !!

  2. Ancora??? Ma questo poveraccio non la finisce più di soffrire!! XD Un evviva al tuo folle commissionatore!

  3. We want the continuation !!! :D

  4. Poor Spidey. Can he ever catch a break?

  5. I ve always Spiderman´s ass and penis so I love of this images about his degradation, humillation and doom. PLEASE DRAW IMAGES OF SUPERMAN BEING RAPED AND DESTROYED!!!!