martedì 10 gennaio 2012

Arkham Asylum part 1

Hi folks !
Although late ...I wish you a happy 2012 !
Start the first post of the year with a Batman Comics Commission for Graves5150

the second part in the next post!



9 commenti:

  1. This is Soooooooo Awesome I love when you draw batman plus its got Joker and Harely. Can't wait for part 2

  2. Wow I love to see pegging I think its cool to see you mix it up. Plus its always a good time to see Joker and Batman get it on

  3. Excellent as usual ! Happy new year !

    And to go on my purpose ... Can we expect a following to poor spidey ? :D

  4. Hi guys ! Thanks for the comments !
    answering your questions :
    1 )you'll soon see the sequel to "Arkham Asylum"

    2) For the fans of " poor Spidey " currently not there is a sequel....but something on Spidey will post however..I'm currently working on patient !! ^__< Thanks !!

  5. Nice to hear there will be something with Spidey again. Nice Batman comic I think its cool that there are women in it

  6. Random question for sirio about spidey will he ever catch a break?

  7. Anonimous 1 : Yeah ! I also think it's cool ,something different by to draw from the usual ! xD

    Anonimous 2 : Right now Spidey is taking a break !! =P

  8. I agree with anonimous 2 I know just feel bad for spidey. I think he needs to get some revenge on people. The whole Arkham comic is damn good.

  9. Love this stuff! Classic Batman in his spandex and skintight, sexy Bat-panties getting used and abused up his Bat-pussy and down his Bat-throat. Pegging and buttfucking were excellently drawn and given great homage here. Also, Batman sucking those 2 villains big cocks was hot, too! Thanks for sharing this with we fans of Batman, yaoi, bara, etc. This stupendous deserves an A+, 5.☆'s rating and oddles if kudos. ����❤��������