martedì 27 novembre 2012

Boobies ?

Hey folks !

Between one thing and another I took a moment to relax , and this is what came out! xD

Deadpool is just courious !!

I posted this in YG! ... but they canceled for violation of rules !

" I just pulled up your case and the problem is that the way the pectoral muscles are drawn in this particular picture it was deemed by the mods that handled that report to be too rounded and too similar to how female breasts would be drawn. "

I not understand they reference !  =___o


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  1. I do, When I saw the pic I was afraid that someone might report it. That's why I asked you about the Rob Liefeld reference.

    When pecs are that big that nipples actually only go to the side in certain positions. In Cap's position they look more breast-like because the right-side nipple is actually in the wrong place.

    It's not a big deal, but when I saw it I was like "Oh no! Sirio might get in trouble for this!" so I brought up the Liefeld pic of Captain America. It's famous, and in that pic his pecs are VERY big and he stands to the side like in your pic. I thought that maybe you could blame that as a reference just in case you got in trouble.

    But I guess it's a moot point now, since the pic is posted here at least.

    It's still a cute and funny image.

  2. This pic will show you what I mean about the pecs:

    I didn't think it was such a big deal because I knew what you were going for - and nipples on men's bodies are a bit weird. Especially on pecs - they seem to move around a lot O.O

    It's kind of frustrating. Usually the best defense for pec lovers is to have a real life reference to show them (that is morphed) so you can say "but men's bodies do this in real life too!". It's hard to argue with reality. Absolutbleu had a similar issue as well. But he didn't have a direct reference image either. (which is why I was worried for you too)

  3. Hi Jubell !!
    I understand what you say !
    But ... as you say ... the male nipples move ?
    because I have seen, central, lateral .... and they are under the pectoral muscle ! ( like Vin Diesel ) and nipples round, oval or equal to those of women! =/
    so ... at this point ...there is no reference just ... =___o

    anyway ... it does not matter if they have deleted !
    I also talked to a really nice mod ! =)

    However, this rule is strange .... also because the character understand that it is a man !

  4. Ahahaha!!! Dobbiamo ammetterlo, sui supereroi stai diventando imbattibile, anche se, lo confessiamo, in questo caso i pettorali ci sembrano esagerati! Ci ricordano molto il disegnatore Bob Liefeld. Comunque ci spiace che tu abbia avuto problemi con la gallery. :/

    *LePeru che non avevano voglia di loggare :P*