mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016


Hello Guys !

Soon I'll put  new  "Chop Wood" pages !
I was a little busy lately ! U_U

Meanwhile I wanted to share with you the discovery of this Webcomics !!

SAMSARA is a webcomic produced by Italian authors.

" Samsara is the story of two lovers who follow and search for each other across countless lives. They keep finding and then loosing one another until, both imprisoned and drawn apart, they find themselves remembering their previous incarnations, recollecting their past experiences. They will then understand that their love is stronger than anything else, stronger than distance and even stronger than death. "

The story is really cute and the art  is awesome !

Support the authors, followed  and sharing the links, please !
You can read comics :


Samsara on Tapastic

Follow them :


Support on Patreon :


And watch the artist's drawing live on Indieversus!

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